5 Reasons Why the New MyHeritage DNA Test is a Game-Changer

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At-home DNA tests from MyHeritage are the best way to uncover your ethnic origins and even find new relatives. You can trace your family tree and connect to relatives from around the world with just a simple cheek swab. Here are the 5 reasons MyHeritage DNA tests are trending this year.

1. Connect with newfound family worldwide

MyHeritage is the world leader in family tree data, backed by 7 billion historical records and available in 40+ languages. MyHeritage DNA tests build your family tree and help you explore new connections with advanced search tools. Explore the largest international network of family trees and create your own tangible link to the past.


2. The entire process takes 30 seconds

A quick swab of the cheek is all it takes to start uncovering your ancestry with MyHeritage. Their DNA test kit is as easy as it gets. There’s no need to take blood or spit into a tube. To complete the DNA test at home, just scrape the inside of your cheeks with 2 small swabs for about 30 seconds. Your results will be updated in your MyHeritage account within a few weeks.

3. Discover your ancestral origins, for half the price

When it comes to providing comprehensive DNA and ethnic origin results, MyHeritage is in a league of their own. They go above and beyond, for half the price. The MyHeritage DNA test kit comes with a $79 price tag, while competitors like 23andMe offer comparable products for up to $200. And while their product is the best value on the market, MyHeritage doesn’t skimp on quality. Visit MyHeritage >>


4. Your security is the top priority

The MyHeritage team understands that DNA is a sensitive matter. That’s why they have put your privacy as a top priority. All DNA tests are conducted in a world-leading CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory in the United States. And your personal account is secured with multiple layers of encryption.

5. Nobody can top these comprehensive results

Once your DNA is analyzed, you will receive a breakdown your DNA according to its various global origins. MyHeritage also provides a color-coded map to give you an easy-to-understand visual on the geographical locations your DNA stems from. MyHeritage takes the extra step to help you discover new relatives who share DNA segments inherited from the same common ancestor.


Order your DNA kit and find out everything about your ancestral origins in just a few weeks. Visit MyHeritage>>