5 Reasons Why a DNA Kit Makes the Best Gift

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Asking someone you love to spit in a tube and calling it a gift may seem a bit...odd. 


But since DNA kits hit the consumer market, they’ve had a huge impacts on people’s lives - changing the way they view themselves, where they come from and how they fit into and relate to the world around them.


Here are 5 reasons why DNA kits are the best gift of 2017. 


1. DNA Results Bring Families Together

Social media may have transformed the way people come together across the globe, but DNA tests are taking that one step further. A test kit from MyHeritage​ can indicate, down to the percentage, how closely related you are to others in their database.


And this has led to some very emotional and unexpected results. From decades-long searches for birth parents answered with a simple swab of the cheek to scattered relatives finally able to find each other, DNA kits are transforming lives. 


Services like LivingDNAallow you to transfer results from other DNA testing companies for bonus insights, growing family trees and the possibility of finding even more relatives. 


A quick swab of the cheek is all it takes to discover your ancestry with MyHeritage

2. DNA Tests are Redrawing the Map of the World

You know that scene in that viral video that’s been going around in one form or another. The German guy says he hates British people and then the American guy says he hates Spanish people. And then the one guy finds out he’s part British and the other guy - drumroll - finds out he has Spanish ancestry.


And ethnic barriers fall away and we’re all touched by the realization that we all come from the same place and maybe we’re not that different. 


That is exactly the power of DNA tests. 


For some who have taken the test it’s led to a sort of realization that we’re all part of the same world and that we share more in common than we tend to believe and that what separates one person’s life in New York from another’s in Venezuela might simply be reduced to the road their ancestors chose to take 500 years ago. 

3. DNA is at the Forefront of Scientific Innovation

Scientists finished mapping the human genome in 2003, and since then the genetic information industry has exploded as the potential of what DNA can reveal for the individual and the understanding of human migration as a whole continually expands. 


Some testing services are more science-rich - 23andme, for example, is building on a cutting edge research program to provide medical insights to its customers, based on genetic indicators.


For now that kind of information extends to predicting the texture of your ear wax, or your distaste for cilantro (it’s not you, it’s me). But with time these discoveries can be hugely important - like being able to determine a predisposition to Alzheimer's or an increased likelihood of diabetes. 


"You're donating your genetic information," says 23andme​ founder Anne Wojcicki. "We could make great discoveries if we just had more information. We all carry this information, and if we bring it together and democratize it, we could really change health care."


23andme's report provides extensive insights and explanations on genetic traits

4. The More People Who Use the Test, the More We Understand Ourselves 

DNA analysis is done by comparing and matching DNA samples from a reference database that consists of known, specific ancestral populations. 


But the more people who use the kits, the more detailed and accurate the information becomes. 


MyHeritage already has a huge database that pulls from millions of registered users, but it’s always expanding. Its’ ancestral reports include 25 ethnicities, but the company plans to grow this number to more than 100 ethnicities in the near future. 

So right now a test can tell you that you are part Italian and part Greek. But as more information is gathered, tests will be able to pinpoint exactly which Greek island your ancestors hailed from. 

5. A DNA Kit is The Most Unique Gift You Can Give

A DNA test kit is the ultimate in personalization. It’s a digital manifestation of your genetic makeup - uniquely yours and something that will keep evolving over time as scientists learn more about the uses of DNA.


So, if you want to give the most unique gift of 2017, try a DNA kit from MyHeritage. For just $79 you can help someone get to know a whole lot more about themselves.