3 Fun New Years Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

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It’s easy to make New Year’s resolutions—but keeping them? That’s a different story.


Well, we’ve got an idea, and it’s a really simple one:


Ditch the stress, increase the fun.


Set your sights on something you want, and go about accomplishing it in a fail-proof way. Make it feel less like a burden and more like a boost.


Here are 3 ideas for New Year’s resolutions that can impact your life, done the fun way.

1. Find love, with a friend

If you want to meet that special someone, put yourself out there! Online dating sites, like Zoosk and Match, are a great way to meet someone; but they can also stress you out if you don’t find that perfect fit right away.


So to avoid getting all worked up, why don’t you and a friend each sign up for an account? That way, you’ll have someone to laugh with about the good, the bad, and the ugly, instead of getting stressed and depressed.


2. Forget the gym (for now)

Losing weight was the number 1 resolution in 2017, and many people tackle this with diets and exercise. However, studies show that for losing weight, what you eat is way more important than exercise. So yippee! No more forcing yourself to wake up an hour earlier in the morning or dragging yourself out for a sluggish workout after work.


Instead, find a diet that works for you—Mayo Clinic Diet and Nutrisystem​ are two of the most popular diet services, which have helped millions slim down. You’ll find that when you don’t have to expend energy on both exercise and dieting, you’ll have more energy to focus on the dieting, which is the more important factor for success.


Once you’re well-along your journey of weight loss, you can add the gym if you have the time and inclination. Or not.

3. Look for answers in unexpected places

Many people make resolutions each year for self-improvement. The problem is, it’s hard to do this if you don’t know where to start. If you feel lost, without purpose, or like you’re floating around aimlessly, go out and look for yourself!


Whether this means heading out for a hike in the woods (alone or with friends), packing your bags for a weekend camping or glamping trip, becoming or seeking a mentor, or getting a psychic reading from a Keen alternative advisor—the choice is yours. Just don’t do nothing! You may find that when you look for answers in unexpected, atypical places, you may discover things about yourself that you would never find in typical settings.


4. Light and Fun is the Way We Like It

The main thing to remember about your New Year’s resolution this year is to keep it fun. Let’s face it—you definitely don’t need added stress or pressure. But you do want to accomplish things. Putting a twist on your journey toward important goals may be just the thing to launch you there.