5 Ways to Make The Most Out of the Valentine's Craze

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner. And while singles might not initially be psyched for the Hallmark holiday, many should be happy to know that there is a real upside to the commercialization of love. 


And that is - whenever people are reminded of love they tend to seek it out. Which means that yes, relationships and romance are on your mind, but they’re also on everyone else's. 


Which makes right now the perfect time to embrace love - in all its facets - not shy away from it. 


So here are 5 ways to make the most out of Valentine’s season. 


1. Treat Yourself

It’s easy for singles to feel down this time of year, when even a simple trip to the grocery store smacks you in the face with chocolates, baby cupids, and red hearts hung everywhere. So, the best cure for these downtrodden feelings? Treat yourself. 


“Try exercising some self-love by doing something that makes you feel special,” says self-help advocate Lilah Olsher. “Don’t rely on someone else to remind you that you’re deserving and amazing.”


Buy whatever it is you’ve had your eye on, splurge on dessert or just throw errands and obligations to the wind and spend a day doing exactly what you want to do. 

2. Shake up your dating routine

The quickest path to the dating blues? Stick to something that hasn’t been working and come to the conclusion that the problem must be you. 


Instead, try shedding negative thoughts and venturing outside your comfort zone.


“Every day, we have opportunities to connect and interact with so many people,” says Olsher, “but most of the time we pass it up because there’s something holding us back.” Instead, Olsher says, “Try to take that voice in the back of your head from a ‘why would I’ to a ‘why not.’ For a lot of people, those negative beliefs and ‘deal breakers’ are what’s keeping them single.”

3. Head Online for Romance

If you’re not already on a dating site, this bit of advice is kind of a no brainer. Online dating is only becoming more and more popular, and is now the second most common way to meet someone (the first being set up by a friend). 


And the time between New Year’s and Valentine’s is the most popular for online dating. 


If you’re after a bit more substance than what some of the other dating sites offer, try Zoosk​. The site's unique algorithm gets to know exactly what you want in a partner and offers matches based on that.


And for an added bonus, Zoosk​ also has great security features like Photo Verification which keeps scammers and fakes off the site.

If you’re looking for more of a tailored site, try Elite Singles. It’s targeted to educated professionals who might not have time to browse through endless profiles and want to cut through the crowd. 


4. Plan a Friends-Only Night Out

Valentines is the perfect time to remind ourselves that romance comes and goes, but friends will always be there. So book a night out or arrange a fun night in with your closest friends and just soak in the unequivocal bliss that can only come from true friendship. 


5. Gorge on Half-Priced Chocolate

And the best part about Valentine’s? All of that leftover chocolate. Now that’s something everyone can appreciate.